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Released April 18, 2011
© 2011 Conchord Music Group
Cannibal Courtship
With such a melting pot of styles, ideas, and sounds, it's perhaps inevitable that 'Cannibal Courtship', their fourth and most eagerly awaited release to date finds itself in the quite enviable position of being virtually impossible to define and ultimately categorise by genre. Instead, across the eleven songs of which its comprised, 'Cannibal Courtship' takes a progressive journey via late 1960s lounge cafes, new wave inspired surf pop, semi-acoustic folk meanderings and even the odd excursion into dreamlike territories occupied by the likes of The Cure.

Where the laidback groove of the opening title track has Nimol cooing "Be my sacrificial lamb" in the most innocently demure way possible, the more vociferous 'Cement Slippers' and echo laden pizzazz of 'Durian Dowry' conjure up images of first album B-52s and 1970s American cop show themes respectively. Delve deeper into 'Cannibal Courtship''s exotic melange and there's devilish calypso ('Only A Friend'), harmonious West Coast pop a la Jefferson Airplane ('2012 (Bury Our Heads)') and introspective electro with an Eastern twist ('Thank You Goodbye'). Source: ContactMusic
Track Title Time Price  
01. Cannibal Courtship 4:35 $0.99 Add to Cart
02. Cement Slippers 3:36 $0.99 Add to Cart
03. Uku 5:16 $0.99 Add to Cart
04. Family Business 3:38 $0.99 Add to Cart
05. Only A Friend 4:59 $0.99 Add to Cart
06. Sister in the Radio 4:08 $0.99 Add to Cart
07. 2012 (Bury Our Heads 3:51 $0.99 Add to Cart
08. Kiss of the Bufo Alvarius 3:36 $0.99 Add to Cart
09. Thank You Goodbye 4:20 $0.99 Add to Cart
10. Mr. Bubbles 4:21 $0.99 Add to Cart
11. Durian Dowry 4:31 $0.99 Add to Cart
12. The Province* 4:16 $0.99 Add to Cart
*Bonus Tracks Available as Digital Download Only
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